Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Lot Behind the Car Dealer

It's late afternoon and the sun is setting behind the car dealership in Kingston. I'm struck by a view that looks back to the lot where they keep all the extra cars.

As complex as this scene first appears, it boils down to two simple flanking dark masses and a path of light back to the horizon.

Darn! A big truck parks right in front of my view, so I have to deploy X-ray vision. (Link to Facebook video)
Pentalic watercolor sketchbook
Richeson travel brush set
Connoisseur "cat's tongue" brush
Water cup
Homemade easel
"Gouache in the Wild"


Thom Rozendaal said...

I often have trouble communicating warm light in my paintings, either the light looks too cool or I just don't get the same luminosity as what I'm seeing. You always seem very good at this, any tips?

PeggyB said...

What an amazing example of making lemonade out of lemons. Just WOW.

Rich said...

I'm also impressed by the distinctiveness of the cars - nothing wishy washy there:

(Wischi Waschi = the German term, had been looking for the English translation;-)