Sunday, March 29, 2020

Canyon Home

The cliff dwellings in Dinotopia's Great Canyon would be a good place to spend time cut off from the world. 

Few people and few saurians visit this remote place. There's plenty of grain stored from the monthly resupply from ceratopsian harvest caravans. 

At sunset the golden light washes the tops of the towers and people sing in harmony out their windows, echoing a welcome to the night.

We're starting to put some of the art prints back up in the online store. So far we have two favorites: Dream Canyon and Garden of Hope.


MacDieter said...

What a nice view, what a nice place to be in isolation. Only one problem: The two people in the foreground don´t keep appropriate distance. Hope they at least have clean hands and didn´t touch their faces!

n/a said...

I love these. I live near Moab, Utah, and can attest that this red rock country is a great place to ride out the pandemic. They closed Arches National Park to all visitors a few days ago. All hotels and campgrounds are closed.