Sunday, March 15, 2020

Portrait Sketch of Dan

Here's a quick portrait sketch of my son Dan. He lives in Dublin, Ireland now, doing app development for a software company, but luckily he's able to work from home.

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Robert Cosgrove said...

Why fountain pen ink?

Roberto Quintana said...

Nice Sketch.James.
Your post just reminded me of how good Dan’s music is!
I just pulled up his album:
‘Traditional Irish Music on the Button Accordion’.
I’ll be listening to Dan Gurney, Jamie Laval, The Chieftains, and Bonnie Rideout all morning!
Thanx for the Post -RQ

krystal said...

He looks like you! :D It's been fascinating how many programmers either played instruments or play instruments. It sure is great being able to stay home and work; I've been enjoying it, also.

Janet Oliver said...


Penny Taylor said...

Great painting. Love his music. Good that he can work from home. Things here in Los Angeles have reached panic mode. Our mayor has told everyone over 60 to stay home because they are at greater risk. I'm 67. That makes the 1st time I've been grounded since I was 15. The good thing is, I've entered the Richeson Casein 2020 contest and my casein paints should be here next week. Already have some, but these are mostly colors I don't have, so it's Christmas in March. And I'm grounded so lots of time to paint. I'll also be ordering your casein video &
going over your tips. Thanks for everything, James Gurney! Best to you and your family. (I don't even remember WHAT I was grounded for when I was 15)

Bells said...

fantastic painting, your son is just like you, also a talent person, have a amazing week :D

A Colonel of Truth said...

Nice. Perhaps some green (hair, beard, face) would have added some sparkle.

Virginia Fhinn said...

If you have spotify check out his newish album "Ignorance is Bliss", it's great. My favorite track on it is "Muineal A' Bhardail". A pal of mine staying in Ireland now turned me onto that album after playing some tunes with him at a session.