Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Looking for a project?

Are you looking for a project to do during home confinement?

How about building a sketch easel? I have an inexpensive and easy to follow tutorial download that shows you the materials you'll need and the workshop methods I used for making mine.

If you have already built one, you could also build a steering wheel attachment for painting from your car, or an improved light diffuser system. Links take you to free videos on YouTube that show how to make those accessories.

You can also compare notes with fellow makers by joining the free Facebook community "Sketch Easel Builders," which has over 2400 members and lots of mutual support for material sources, build methods, and custom variations.
Free Facebook Group Sketch Easel Builders
See previews of all my 13 inexpensive how-to videos on Gumroad
How to Make a Sketch Easel

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