Monday, November 9, 2020

Segrelles Exhibition Extended

José Segrelles was a Valencian painter and illustrator who lived from 1885-1969. 

There's an exhibition "José Segrelles, Master of Fantasy," currently on view at the Maricel Museum in Sitges (Barcelona). It was curated by his grand-nephew José Enrique Segrelles Cortina.

The artist Segrelles said: "Reality does not appeal to me. It overwhelms me, it weighs me down. I prefer mystical, mythological figures, unreal beings from the oriental fantasy. I am filled with pride to be called an artist, not for what I paint, but for what I feel."

Segrelles also did travel posters and sports images, which were dynamic and imaginative. "When there are no models for whatever I’ve dreamed, I create them specifically for this purpose. I do it with plasticine. I create a stage, but as what I see is not what I saw, I have to paint with the imagination."

Because of the success of the show, the closing date will be extended to January 31, 2021.

Learn more:
José Segrelles, Mestre de la Fantasia, through 31 January 2021 at the Maricel Museum in Sitges (Barcelona)
José Segrelles Albert: His life and his work (Spanish Edition) 

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Jim Douglas said...

"Reality does not appeal to me." I love the bold, honesty in that line. Reality was the only thing to Ruskin; Segrelles followed his instinct to another dimension entirely. Both approaches are equally valid and can yield beautiful results. What really matters is listening to the truth of your own experience. Good luck to us all.