Friday, April 2, 2021

John Singer Sargent at San Vigilio

When John Singer Sargent found a subject he liked, he often painted it from different angles in different media. In 1913, he was fascinated by the curved jetty on Lake Garda at San Vigilio in Italy. 

Above Lake Garda at San Vigilio, John Singer Sargent, 1913

This one shows the sailboat in the embrace of the jetty. It's painted in watercolor, with rich darks in the area of the boat and its reflection, and the light areas of the stone are kept uniformly light.

John Singer Sargent, Three Boats in Harbor, San Vigilio, 1913

In this oil, he includes two other boats and keeps them within a uniformly dark mass.

Here's an oil painting looking back toward the land from a high vantage point in the lake. I'm not sure how he got this angle, which would have to be from a boat, and from above the deck level of a small vessel.

John Sargent, San Vigilio. A Boat With Golden Sail, 
oil, 55.9 cm (22 in) x 71.1 cm (27.9 in)

One more oil painting shows a view back to the buildings around the harbor.
Book: Sargent: The Masterworks


Forrest said...

I share Sargent's birthday (Jan 12), alas may not so much his talent. This man was a master of the paint stroke, it all appears intentional and well-thought-out. There is a museum nearby that has a couple of his pieces and I love to study them up as close as I can get. It's truly amazing what this man has been able to accomplish.

Pat said...

I love Sargent's watercolors even more than his oil paintings and have the book from the 2013-14 shows. So much there to study.

I have a question about watercolor brushes. Once in a while the ferrule gets a bit loose. Is there a way to tighten them again? I saw a ferrule tightener on one art supply website. Stainless steal and bit pricey ($32). Thanks, Pat

PS: and thanks for maintaining the monkey photo. I read your blog regularly and it never ceases to make me smile. You look apprehensive and the monkey looks unconcerned. It also makes you look extra handsome!


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