Monday, April 26, 2021

The Sublime in the Commonplace

Drawing by Adolph von Menzel, Road Along a Park Wall

Emile Chartier said of Balzac: "His genius consists in taking the commonplace as his subject and making it sublime without changing it."

Thanks Joe Paquet


Rafal Ziolkowski said...

This drawing gives me feeling that I am looking at photo but I can see clearly it's drawing. It's like listening to fresh melody.

Christian Schlierkamp said...

Beautiful study by Menzel! i didn't know it. :D
Master of the pencil.

Christian Schlierkamp said...

Beautiful study by Menzel. I didn't know that one. :D
What a great picture. <3

Jim Douglas said...

I love how Menzel's smudging builds body and adds weight to his drawing. Perfect example of deft technique in service of creative expression.