Monday, April 19, 2021

Triad Test Stencil

On our Facebook group "Color in Practice," Ryan Coker came up with a great solution for drawing the grids for the Triad Tests. 

He says: "I used my 3D printer/software to create/build a Triad Maker Stencil. Two are shown here in black and clear. And to the left (top), I connected the lines using the straight edge on the outside of the stencil."
You can also draw them with a 30/60/90 triangle, or just freehand them.


Forrest said...

I didn't even know the FB group existed, just joined. Looking forward to learning more!

Rick Robinson said...

Darn. I apparently live in a world where everyone assumes everyone else has a smart phone, is on Facebook, and Twitter. Bah. That IS NOT the case.

Unknown said...

Is this available for download anywhere? I'd love to print one!