Sunday, June 13, 2021

Drawing a Chimp Portrait

This wild-born male chimpanzee named H.N. noticed that I was drawing his portrait.

I was careful not to stare at him, just glance respectfully. Every ten minutes or so he wanted me to show him how I was coming along on the sketch. 

I held up the book and he looked over casually. His buddies came over and he consulted with them. A couple of them came over to check me out, too.

The keeper told me that some of the chimps and gorillas are "very interested in people, especially children," and they're fascinated by the way pencils make marks on paper. 

Whether he recognized it as a representation of him, who knows?


nuum said...

Your paintings, drawings, and sketches of animals are my favorites.
Perhaps someday a "Pets/Zoo Painting Challenge"?
Who knows?
Thanks for the beautiful drawing.

RotM_81 said...

After a prolonged interaction like this, has anyone immediately allowed (or trusted) a chimp to try drawing?

choihunkil said...

How nice!~

A. Decker said...

I'd be so honored by their attention. Good stuff.