Friday, June 18, 2021

Hand-Printed Bookplate

International fans have said they wish they could get something hand signed, so I came up with these hand-printed and signed bookplates which ship free worldwide.

Each one is unique, printed on a self-adhesive sticker with a backing sheet using two different linoleum blocks, inked with a gradation that gives the logo a 3D effect.

Stick one in your sketchbook or your Dinotopia book and own a unique hand-made original. Available only at the James Gurney website.


Susan Krzywicki said...

Well, that is cool. And so easy. I bought mine with the PayPal thing and it worked beautifully.

Warren JB said...

It looks excellent.

VirginiaFhinn said...

Just received this in the mail, and it was so satisfying to peel off the sticker and put it in my “Color and Light” book, which now feels complete. The postcard was a fun bonus surprise 😊