Sunday, June 6, 2021

Ian Hubert's 'Dynamo Dream'

Ian Hubert spent about three years developing this short film called Dynamo Dream

The first episode called Salad Mug, is set in a lived-in science-fiction future. 

Hubert is a 3D digital artist, who creates his worlds mostly all by himself, but the visual effects are as impressive as a Hollywood film.

I was attracted to the relaxed tone and pacing, but I just wish it started immediately with stronger visuals and a clear, engaging story.


His minute-long "Lazy Tutorials" are popular with digital artists, but they might make sense to traditional painters as well.


Susan Krzywicki said...

It is evocative...and there's actually a female lead character!

Thanks for sharing.

Sheridan said...

This reminds me of Ian McQoe's illustrations come to life. Love the vibe!

Sheridan said...

Sorry about the typo. Should read "Ian McQue". Thanks for posting!

arenhaus said...

Lots of inscrutable imagery... some hints on a larger setting... zero story. :/