Saturday, July 24, 2021

If you don't have much time, skip the pencil and draw with a brush

With only a few minutes to paint a man in a diner, I have to decide which tool to start with tool to start with, a pencil or a brush?

In this new YouTube video, I opt for the brush and dive right in.

The advantage of drawing with the brush is that you can get lines or tones of any lightness or darkness.
The #6 round brush I start with is by Richeson / Quiller


ArtistK said...

Hi, James,
Just a question that I"m often asked. Do you need permission to paint someone in public? I always assumed that if they're in public, then it comes under public domain. I don't usually get permission to capture a subject.
Kit M.

selena said...

Amazing what years of practice allows a master to do...and call it a sketch!

Douglas K said...

Hi James, having to work quickly raises a mundane question for me. I imagine you occasionally have the subject that gets up and walks away before you've captured them, unexpected weather or some other surprise that disrupts a session and leaves you with a false start or unfinished picture. What do you do with these pages in a bound sketchbook - just cut them out? Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge. Doug

James Gurney said...

Douglas, quick answer is that I either work them a bit more at home from memory/photo, or paint a priming coat of casein over them, or leave them alone——after all, they are just sketches.