Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Vassar Library and Dinotopia

Dinotopia came to life in a library — the Vassar Library in particular — where I spent many hours researching obscure diaries of 19th century explorers and first had the idea of discovering a lost explorer's sketchbook.

When Life Magazine put together a story about the origins of Dinotopia, we brought together several of the models, including publisher Ian Ballantine (who posed for Nallab the librarian), and editor Betty Ballantine (on the balcony, who was Norah of Treetown). 

Photographer Tobey Sanford got permission from the library directors to stage a photo shoot there as a way of visualizing the magical dreams that can emerge from a universe of books.


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D said...

I love that that image from Dinotopia is real, even if the journal isn't! Did you see this computer generated library? It uses your name as part of the prompt to get high-quality results.