Friday, July 9, 2021

Painting Tip: Background First, Foreground Last

I've got only 45 minutes to paint the view from an airport parking lot. Direct link to YouTube

The blue sky gradation was painted in advance in casein. I start by painting the clouds over it. Then I paint the control tower, the trees, and the fences, proceeding from background to foreground.

When you’re using any opaque paint, such as oil, casein, or gouache (the paint in this case), this classic background-to-foreground technique allows natural overlapping and a sense of depth.


nuum said...

Simply wonderful.
Thanks, James.

Eelis Kyttanen said...

Hey James!

Love the video!

This is a little bit off-topic from the subject at hand, but I am currently venturing into oil painting after only ever working with gouache. I've done a lot of research and I am excited to get started. I was wondering if you had any general advice on/things to keep in mind when painting with oils when compared to painting with gouache.

I hope this wasn't too wide of a question! Thank you in advance!


Mitch M. said...

Great tip James. Thanks. i've seen lots of artist paint this way but what about painting with oils where you are supposed to go from dark to light? Often times the darkest parts are in the foreground.. Its a bit confusing.