Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Mario Caption Contest Winners

Here's a YouTube video showing how I painted that picture of Super Mario beyond the Hudson River. We had a "best caption" contest over on Instagram:

"Thirty-six years of mushrooms surely had its effect on good ol' Mario." —@siningnising (263+ likes) 
"Big leaks call for big plumbers." —@dougeeb -- (226+ likes)
"It’s a me, Climate Change." —@billclagett -- (171+ likes)

Congrats to Roberto, Doug, and Bill. Email me your mailing address and I'll send each of you a signed Color and Light poster.


A. Decker said...


Bevan said...

Jim, was the addition of Mario planned in the beginning? Or was it just a fun little diversion after the scene was done?

James Gurney said...

Stephen and Nyree, I just thought this picture needed something different, so it was a last minute idea.

Ceramicker said...

Reminds me of this NC Wyeth painting which I think is located at Westtown School
"The Giant"

B. Walsh
Bethesda, MD