Sunday, October 17, 2021

Races in Skybax Canyon

Will and Cirrus lead the skybax races around ancient demisaurian monuments near Ebulon in Dinotopia's great desert.

The painting is 3 x 6 inches, oil on board, published in my illustrated adventure Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara (signed copies available in my online store).


Bob said...


Looking at this piece as shown in Journey To Chandara, it's reduced from the original which explains why you made it 3 x 6. I'm wondering about the texture of the board -- it must be very fine since it doesn't show, nor is there any moiré interference with the printing screen. The detail is nothing short of amazing.

Bevan said...

That's a lot smaller than I would have guessed.

Olga said...

how can something this small can be so detailed? 8O

James Gurney said...

Bob, yes, I just made it small because it was originally a concept sketch and I just used it as a spot illustration.