Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Painting an Abandoned House -- in CGI

If you paint in traditional media you may not pay much attention to tutorials about 3D computer graphics.

I hope you'll make an exception for this demo by Andrew Price showing how to create an abandoned house in with the computer graphics software called Blender.

Price does a great job not only explaining the steps he takes, but also the thinking behind the steps. As a traditional painter I'm fascinated by all the tools and tweaks. 

Here's a 60 second version if you're pressed for time.


Sandra D’Onofrio said...

From Sandra: I’m lost. This does not compute. Just too much for an aging brain. Hand me that pencil, please.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Free open source software, Blender is a surprise. I need another monitor. :)

Roberto Quintana said...

Sublime: Horrific and Beautiful!
A good example of craftsmanship raised to a very high level. I’m not sure where the Art is in this deep dive, other than an aesthetic sensitivity to design and detail. The result is very competent, the effort impressive, the process tedious.
I think I have a pencil around here somewhere, Sandra! -RQ

James Gurney said...

RQ: well, everything we do as image makers is a result of the choices we make with the tools we have. With 3D graphics, the tools and decisions are very different than with brushes and paints, but the strength of artistic vision will always be apparent. Lately I've been particularly intrigued by the efforts of artists in the 3D animation world to make CG animation evoke the look of comics or drawing, as in the case of Spiderverse. It takes effort because the tools push you toward a smooth, cold look.

Unknown said...

I can see why you recommended this artist’s video. he has a great balance of observation-based knowledge of his subject, and the technical skill with his medium to translate that knowledge accurately into his image. The end results are really impressive!
It did look for a minute like he was making a graph to explain how the Illuminati have their tentacles in everything when he was connecting all those boxes together! Maybe someday he’ll release this video in English so us regular folk can understand it😏.