Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Colossal Character Challenge

What: An art event where artists drawing or painting on location imagine a giant character visiting Pasadena. The character can come from animation, movies, video games, or comics. The interaction between the character and Pasadena can be anything from playful to apocalyptic.

When: October 27, 10:00-noon.

Who: Twelve invited professional concept artists wearing orange caps will lead the event. These mentors who are here because of Lightbox Expo will either demo or help other artists or both. Any additional artist can join the fun and sketch their concept. Participating artists don't have to be part of Lightbox Expo. They can be any age or any level of skill or experience. Kids are welcome and encouraged. Each participant receives an official sticker or button. Members of the general public can just come to see art being made.

Where: All around downtown Pasadena, but centered around the City Hall.

Why: To celebrate imagination mixed with observation and to see Pasadena in a new, fun way.

Online: Other artists participating online will be sketching colossal characters in their town or city. Their work will appear in a Facebook group page called "Colossal Characters Challenge." Deadline for that group is November 1.

There will be another Facebook group for artists working digitally, in CGI, animation, or A.I.

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