Saturday, September 30, 2023

How I Paint a Dahlia in Casein

Painting is about continuously controlling your visual attention so that you see only what you need to see at each stage, and tune out the rest.

I also think about (Link to YouTube) about the remarkable visual perception abilities of bees. 

Did you know honey bees have five eyes? In addition to the two large compound eyes located on the sides of the head they've got three small eyes called “ocelli” on top of their head. Ocelli are not used to gather images; instead they are light receptors.

And when honey bees are in flight, their color vision is turned off. The world appears in black and white. But when they approach their target flower, the colors come into focus.
Read more in the online article How Bees See Flowers

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Manuel Barranco said...

Charming and inspiring work, as usual. Thanks!
Buena pronunciación también!