Sunday, September 10, 2023

Spinosaurus Restorations, Step by Step

In this YouTube video, I demonstrate step-by-step process of painting two restorations of the dinosaur Spinosaurus under the direction of Dr. Paul Sereno of the University of Chicago.

Dr. Sereno's scientific paper, called "Spinosaurus is Not an Aquatic Dinosaur," set out to refute claims by other researchers that Spinosaurus was a fast attack hunter underwater. Sereno's team developed a CT-based skeletal restoration of Spinosaurus and examined its hydrodynamic properties. They found that the digital model of Spinosaurus performed very poorly in water, supporting the alternative "semi-aquatic hypothesis." In an interview, Sereno said, "I don't think it was a good swimmer nor capable of full submergence behavior."

Coauthors include Donald M. Henderson, Daniel Vidal, Frank E. Fish, Stephanie L. Baumgart, Tyler M. Keillor, Kiersten K. Formoso, Nathan Myrhvold, and Lauren L. Conroy. 



CerverGirl said...

I feel so happy when I watch your process, because it shows what can be done when we apply ourselves to creating and problem-solving. Your works and production are fantastic, Thank you for sharing/doing this.

MerylAnnB said...

Hi James, this is not a comment to post, just a way to let you know that I used to get regular emails prompting me to go to your blog, that mysteriously stopped suddenly a while back (maybe a year ago, LOL! or more! I'm so focused on digging out of the pandemic that I haven't been paying attention to timing). So I still go to your blog when I remember, but I don't see how to subscribe again...or maybe the blog still thinks I'm subscribed, so that button isn't visible? But, contrary to how I feel about most of the emails I get, I WANT to be subscribed to yours! Plus I thought you'd want to know this happened to me in case something needs to be tweaked on your blog. I think I originally was subscribed under Thank you! I ran my second, small art school since 2016, which I am updating to online since the pandemic, and I have recommended your fabulous blog to many of my students. (I was very lucky to get atelier training in the late 1960s-early 1970s from a teacher who studied with Norman Rockwell and Frank Reilly --so as you know, I am teaching some academic methods that are hard to find these days.) Thanks, love your blog!

James Gurney said...

MerylAnnB, I wish I knew what to tell you. All I know is that for some reason Google discontinued its blog subscription service. I'll bet there are other ways to subscribe to new posts but I'm not sure what they'd be. Can anyone else give a recommendation?