Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Art By Committee: Alien Castle

On Wednesdays we do a group sketch game called "Art By Committee.” Last week I presented an actual excerpt from a science fiction manuscript and you have come up with a portfolio of magnificent pictures to illustrate it.

The quote was: "It may have been a castle, but it was unlike anything you'd see in history books. An alien hand had drawn the blueprints; I was willing to bet on that."

If you scroll down to the end of the post, you’ll see the picture in the original sketchbook, as well as next week’s challenge.

Dave Harshberger

Jared Shear
Arthur J. Keegan

Anna Myers

Roberta Baird

Jess Elwood

Susan Adsett

Rose Dawson

Christine Walker

Todd Norris
And the sketch in the original book by James Warhola

Here’s next week’s quote.
If your sketch comes out a bit more macabre than usual this time, that’s OK.

Please scale your JPG to around 700 pixels across. Title it with your name, send it to: jgurneyart (at), subject line ABC, and let me know in your email if you want me to link to your blog or website. Please have your entries in by next Tuesday at noon.

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Josh (musarter) said...

My favorite is the top one, the one with the wacky alien hand. Nice work everyone.

Sarah Stevenson said...

These are all most excellent! I enjoyed Jen Zeller's especially. I was really hoping to participate this week and draw my own alien castle--what a fun quote.