Friday, May 30, 2008

Art Mediums

Your votes in the art materials poll have been tabulated, and it looks like the lowly pencil is right up there with Adobe Photoshop as the most popular medium, with oil paint right behind. Here are the results from the 282 of you who voted:

171 Photoshop
155 Graphite pencil
122 Oil paint
93 Watercolor
92 Ink (Brush or Pen)
82 Acrylic
53 Colored Pencil
41 Charcoal/Conte
40 Gouache
37 Photographic
29 Corel
27 Pastel/Chalk
22 Marker

All the remaining choices were 10 or under. Thanks to all who joined in.


Michelle Johnson said...

It was rather fun watching the poll. For the first couple of days, PS and graphite were neck and neck. If you think about it, simply for editing and prepping a picture for posting, PS would be used for that. Add on people who do work digitally, of course it'd be first.

Anonymous said...

I have to use PS a lot at work, but for my personal illustration purposes, even with my Wacom, it leaves me feeling cheep in the end. though i am very impressed with a lot of PS artists, theres just something not genuine about it to me. not to offend anyone who does it, you still have to be able to draw to use it correctly.
i will take the old pencil and some AcrylaGuache anyday over a computer. its just natural and real.