Saturday, May 31, 2008

Contrasting Characters

Here’s a pencil sketch of two men at a meeting. Whenever I draw two people side by side I’m try to accentuate the contrast between them.

In this case, one has a protuding chin. The other’s chin is tucked into folds in his neck. One has a sloping brow, while the other’s protrudes. One’s chest is thin and slight, the other is fairly wide.


Anonymous said...

Hey James,

I have to say, your pencil sketches are amazing. Have you ever thought of publishing your sketchbooks. I would love to have one of your sketchbooks on my bookshelf. It would definitely be a great source of inspiration.

best, Jason

Raluca said...

I agree with 'jasonbrush',wonderful lines;the contrast between characteres create more tension...speaking about characters:I´m still thinking about this week chalenge:))

Susan Adsett said...

"It takes a hell of a lot of elbow grease to maintain the meditation garden"

For some reason that makes me grin... it could be an "Art by Committee" inspiration. Great drawing. I agree with Jason - you should think about publishing your sketchbooks (I'm assuming you haven't started buring them in your Gallery Flambeau!)