Monday, November 17, 2008

Colored Light and Depth

An interesting way to add a sense of depth to a scene is to bathe different regions of the scene in different colors of light. This cave scene from Dinotopia: The World Beneath is lit in the foreground by a reddish light, and in the background by a complementary-colored greenish light.


Unknown said...

great as usual!
thanks for the many tips!

innspecter said...

I think this technique was used in the movie Dick Tracey, a bit more garish, yet effective.

Stephen James. said...

We were just discussing this in class. The idea of warm/cool color relationships. Basically we were talking about the theory of colors like orange and yellow advancing, while cool colors suppousedly fall back. We came to the consensus that without outside elements it's probably true, but in other cases there can be situations that violate the principle. It was an interesting discussion.

This is a great painting from the World Beneith.