Wednesday, November 12, 2008

John William Godward

“John William Godward (9 August 1861 – 13 December 1922) was an English painter from the end of the Pre-Raphaelite / Neo-Classicist era. He was a protégé of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema but his style of painting fell out of favour with the arrival of painters like Picasso. He committed suicide at the age of 61 and is said to have written in his suicide note that "the world was not big enough" for him and a Picasso. His already estranged family, who had disapproved of him becoming an artist, were ashamed of his suicide and burned his papers. No photographs of Godward are known to survive.” —Wikipedia.
Thanks, Jason


Anonymous said...

Sounds all too familiar to me. :.(

Cory Godbey said...

Damn modernism!

That is a tragedy. What a beautiful painter.

jeff said...

How tragic.

He was a fine painter.

Jason Peck said...

John Godward is one of my favorite artist, it is sad that his notes were burned. I would of loved to have read them. A sad loss to the academic art world.

Best, Jason

harshvardhan kadam said...

hey james!!
i appreciate the efforts you have taken to put up all the things...
awesome..i happened to come across while i was looking for Heinrich Kley..but i ended up finding fore than i expected!!!

thanks a ton!
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Arn Sweatman said...

A tragedy that a guy *that* talented took himself out. Why Johnny, why?