Saturday, November 29, 2008

Waterfall City Concept 1

Over the next few days, while I'm assembling some of my trip sketches, I thought I’d show you some of the early concept sketches for Waterfall City (1988). Here’s one from 1987 showing the water emerging from two big arches, like something at the edge of the world. The lighting is from below, which gives it a strange feeling, and the architecture is reminiscent of the early skyscraper architecture of Hugh Ferris.


Leslie Sealey said...

I enjoy seeing the concept sketches and having a glimpse into the thought process behind a painting. Thanks for sharing this!

Tom Scholes said...

This is helpful and great to see!

Dave 'Diamond' Merritt said...

I love the idea that almost everything artistic starts with a sketch. Enjoy your blog James.

winna said...

I sure love seeing these process developments or what ever would be the right term. Ideas flowing and creative solutions etc.
Thanks so much for posting these jewels!

Erik Bongers said...

I'd call it instead of the 'making-of', the 'did not make it of' or something.
But yes, I love it too. There's so much to learn from the scrubbed scribbles.

As always I try to see why it didn't make it and if I agree - as it's always very subjective and often personal.

In this case the Ferris-like drawings have something of the Dark Force to them.
'Edge of the world' is a good one, but I also see two eyes (of a skull?).
I can imagine that to many people this city looks more evil than edenic.

Good scrub? Me thinks so.
The ability to scrub early on is a major reason to spend much time on preparation/preliminary stuff. Better to (violently) trow away a sketch than to burn a finished painting.

Kristina Carroll said...

Ok- I have just spent the last 45 minutes discovering Hugh Ferris. And the latter part of that was trying to contain my excitement that his collection is available in my city. Thank you Gurney Journey!