Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Falls Remain the Same

Fernando Emmanuel Laverde Bohórquez of Columbia has traveled to some of the same places that Frederic Church painted, including Tequendama Falls, 1854. In spite of the human damage (and natural erosion), he has discovered that the landscape is almost the same as it was. Thanks, Fernando.


~ Rebecca Harbison said...

Huh. I live near Taughannock Falls in New York, and I know that the top of the falls haves changed over the last century based on pictures. It's one reason they tell people to not get any closer to the base of the falls than the observation area -- falling rocks are a hazard. Then again, the falls freeze every winter, so erosion is pretty fierce.

(Really pretty waterfall, though, in a region full of pretty waterfalls.)

Paul Allan Ballard said...

What a fascinating project. Would love to see the volcano paintings today....
Well while writing this comment, I decided to google this and here is a comparison.