Monday, March 2, 2009

Giant Spider in Liverpool

The people who brought us the street theater marvel of the Sultan's Elephant recently unveiled a new miracle: a giant spider that visited Liverpool. The response was not fear, but love. (Thanks, Jason!)

More about artistic director François Delarozière and his theatrical machines here.


Jon Hrubesch said...

Look at all the smiles on the people surrounding the spider. I think we all need something like that to break up the mundane routine of our lives. That's why I love painting science fiction and fantasy. It's fun to create things that are different from the things we see in our every day life.

Jason Peck said...

Jon, You noticed the same thing I did, the people in the crowd are so happy. I would love to see one of these mechanical marvels in my town.

Best, Jason

Kristina Carroll said...

I was lucky enough to see The Sultan's Elephant in Antwerp a few years back, and it was one of the most surreal, amazing experiences I've ever had. This group is fantastic. I do hope they come to NYC some day too.

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