Friday, August 14, 2009

Caption Contest Finalists

It was very hard to narrow down all the great captions you provided for this Dinotopia Deleted Scene Caption Contest. Instead of three finalists, I have kept six, all of whom will receive an Imaginative Realism poster.

1. Kid: Dag! What's in this stuff?!! Look what it did to my Corgi...

2. Just a little farther and I'll be one step closer to having those dino-feet for the back of my chair too!

3. If this painting wasn’t so bad, maybe this food would taste better!?

4. "Timmy! No! That's how you lost your left hand the last time!"

5. Gee Johnny. If one cake turned you into a dinosaur, maybe another will turn you back.

6. Dinosaur: Why can’t I have a knife and fork?

Boy: The iron age hasn’t arrived yet!

Note: The poll is now closed, and #4 is the winner.
Daroo, Mark, GooGoo, Ted, Advantageous, and David: please email me your mailing address so that I can send you the poster, and, depending on who wins, the extra grand prize poster.


SoarsLikeAnEagle said...

Number four is definitely the one I would choose. said...

Number four for my taste

Judegirl said...

Feeling awkward. Can't find the poll at left. :(
But I like #4 too. :)

James Gurney said...

Sorry, Judegirl, the poll closed a while ago. I have changed the post so that people know the voting is over. The winner was number 4, the one about the left hand, and I sent off all the prizes. Good luck on the next contest!