Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pan Progress

Some of the students in my recent class on Creature Design at Woodstock School of Art have been finding time to work a bit more on their Pan/satyr figures, based on our study of goat and human models, and since you asked to see some of the work, here it is!

Lester Yocum painted this image of his goat lady "Doris," based on the maquette he built in class.

Shawn Fields created a scene where the father Pan reads about Humans to his two sons. To get the mood and atmosphere of the crepuscular swamplight, he took his maquette into the flooded forest behind the school, braving clouds of voracious mosquitoes.

Eric Millen has been working up his Battle Pan in Sculpey. He looked at magazines on heavyweight wrestlers to get ideas for poses and muscle groups. Could you imagine stepping into the ring and facing this guy for a bout of ultimate fighting?

Mike Marrocco did a self-portrait as Pan, using our ram skull Flynn as a model.

Maureen Rogers painted this watercolor of her Pan, a bon vivant living at home and enjoying a glass of wine, surely a gift from his friend Bacchus.

It's really inspiring to me to see how people took the idea in so many different directions, and to see how the character of Pan took a different shape with each person.


Anonymous said...

Mmm Viewing the Battle Pan I'd remember the legend film's bad boy:

Maybe an influence?

Super Villain said...

haha, not a concious influence, but it is a good movie, i just thought since he looked like a devil the red skin would be cool

was supposed to have an axe and looking like he was heading into battle, but progress is slow going.

i hope james is also able to post a photo of lesters doris sculpture. seeing doris come to life in sculpture was definatly one of the highlights of my week in woodstock, so funny!

Anonymous said...