Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gurney at LAAFA October 10

On October 10 at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art in Van Nuys, CA, I’ll be doing three different illustrated lectures back to back.

The first one is about how to paint a realistic picture of an imaginary scene. The second is all about color and light, and how to use them effectively in your artwork. The third is about the history and technique of plein air painting and informal sketching. They’re all new lectures, with some of the best stuff from the blog.

Sign up soon. The space there is limited, and it’s first come-first served.

Registration for the Gurney lectures at LAAFA.
Added later: hopefully the links work now!


Michael Dooney said...

in these days of YouTube etc, somebody should film these and post them online for the rest of us that are not within distance of LA.

Unknown said...

You're so right Michael! I live in France and I'd love to hear James' lectures.
Do you think something will be done to diffuse these lectures all over the world?

Unknown said...

are you gonna be at art center anytime soon? haha just curious

Gregory Becker said...

Really, why not make a dvd available? It's not like people wont buy it.
I'll buy it. I live in Detroit and education is hard to come by here believe me. In todays economy and at my age I have to streamline my education as much as possible.
Without the internet and dvds and magazines and books and countless advice streams I wouldn't know anything about art or how to achieve creating it.
BTW James, Let us know if you run into Nathan Fowkes out there he is one of my favorite artists.

Dave Lebow said...

I feel very fortunate that I live out here in the Los Angeles area and can take advantage of Jim's lectures in October. I am enrolled in all three lectures and I am really looking forward to them.
I would second the comment that I also would buy a DVD of the lectures or DVD's of any painting demos of Jim's if they were available as well, and I am eagerly awaiting the new Imaginative Realism book.

James O'Shea said...

the links that you posted don't work, but this does, http://www.laafa.org/sessions/calendar/info.php?id=2653

Dave said...

Yes Jim sign me up for all three classes at the LA Academy of Fig art, or how do you do that? I'd like that.Dave

Roberto said...

Looking forward to meeting you (and Dave) in Van Nuys this October. My Beloved and generous wife signed me up for the two afternoon lectures as a birthday present! (Getting old has its perks;) -RQ

INDIGENE said...

I do hope you find away, to give the lectures on the East Coast, maybe an on-line version, where we pay and get a log-on, and then have access to a lecture by you or YouTube it. I'm waiting impatiently for your book to come out, too! Have you thought about and e-learning or distance course? Anyhow, you are in demand! :)

James Gurney said...

Thanks, everybody for the interest in DVDs. I've been thinking about video, too, but I really want to do it right and make the most of the medium.

So I'd rather not just videotape the lectures, and would ask we don't post those (which really would be rather boring), but make original productions that get across the core info in an entertaining and visually interesting way. I'm learning about video production, and you'll hear more about this later.

Stephen James. said...

Look forward to your trip my friend.