Sunday, August 9, 2009

Illo 2

Dan Zimmer is best known for the beautifully produced ILLUSTRATION magazine, which is about the history of American Illustration. He also publishes ILLO, a book-length spotlight on the contemporary illustration scene.

He has just released ILLO 2, which features interviews with Michael Cho, Nancy Stahl, and Zina Saunders. Somehow I got lucky and they included me, too.

It’s hard to convey how extensive the coverage is on each person without actually seeing the whole issue, so here's every page. Go to a newsstand and pick one up so that Mr. Zimmer can keep making future issues. There are a lot of other deserving illustrators that he still needs to cover.

ILLO main website, link.
Purchase ILLO 2 or subscribe directly from Dan Zimmer, link.


Larry said...

Mine came in the mail this week...Congratulations, Well deserved James.

Susan Adsett said...

wait, wait, you're going too fast!!!

You AND Michael Cho in the same book? I'm sold! heading over to now!

Unknown said...

congrats man!
your art is amazing-a true artist
and your blog is very informative
I'm a 'pro' meaning..i get paid for art-but I feel like an amateur when I see your stuff (and read your articles)
keep it up my friend!

Erik Bongers said...

Seems to have large reproductions of some paintings I've only seen as thumbnails. Like the naval fight between the USS Monitor and some other ship.

p.s. the videoclip has been muted by youtube due to alleged copyright violations.

James Gurney said...

Erik, that soundtrack deletion was an automatic thing done by YouTube on behalf of the Warner Music Group, apparently. I tried to add a little Lead Belly (blues singer 1888-1949) to cover up my heavy breathing--I was leaning too near the mike while I flipped through the pages. It's kind of a relief to have no sound at all.