Monday, February 15, 2010

Art by Committee: Randall

It’s February 15, time for the results of last months Art By Committee challenge. The line we had to illustrate was "Randall's avatar was a tortoise." You all came up with some really fun and creative solutions to the idea. Click on the link below the name for a larger image or more information about each piece.

Mei-Yi Chun

Michael Geissler
Larger Image

Kim McCann
Larger Image

Andy Wales

Sean Hornoff

"Mr. Gills"

Natalie Blog

Andrew Walker

John R. York

Susan Adsett

….and the one from the original sketchbook.

With that, let’s give the Art-By-Committee game a rest for a while. I have enjoyed and appreciated all your wonderful contributions, but it takes quite a bit of hand work to put these together. Also, I’ve run through most of the material in the original sketchbook.


Random York said...

Thank you for hosting this for so long. This crop of illustrations is lots of fun.
- JOhn York

Susan Adsett said...

Thanks so much for letting us play in your sandbox! It's been so much fun. And it was great to see the original interpretations, too!

Unknown said...

Yeah, thanks Jim! I always love stopping by to see how many variations there can be on one theme. The 'Journey is still the best blog out there!