Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lines and Colors Exhibition Review

I'm honored that the art blog Lines and Colors has done a thoughtful review of the Dinotopia exhibition at the Delaware Art Museum.

As many people know, traveling to the exhibit has been as difficult as getting to Shangri-La, with all the record-breaking blizzards we've been having. But we made it to UArts in Philadelphia for a memorable visit yesterday. More on all that later.

PLEASE NOTE: The scheduled events for Wednesday and Thursday at the Delaware College of Art and Design and all the other public and private schools have been cancelled or rescheduled due to the weather.

Lines and Colors post.
Delaware Art Museum


andrew domo said...

I just came back from Montreal to catch the last showing of the Waterhouse exhibit. I must say, it's quite an intense experience to see works that you've admired for so long and to have the pleasure of seeing it up close in person. Your paintings from Dinotopia are among those that I've admired and I'm definitely going to pay a visit to Delaware to check out the exhibit. Unless of course, there's something closer to Vancouver.

andrew domo said...

I meant to say, if the exhibit was travelling closer to Vancouver.

CA3 said...

I can only hope that this exhibit at some point in the near future makes its way into other cities like NYC so I can get a chance to see it as well. Other then that, I hope that the exhibit is well received in Delaware.