Monday, February 15, 2010

Delaware Museum Opening

The first storm dumped almost two feet of snow to Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday, the day of the opening of the Dinotopia exhibit. Only emergency vehicles were allowed on the road.

Mountains of snow piled up at the edges of parking lots. We dug out Trusty Rusty in time to get in on Sunday for the opening, lecture, and colored pencil workshop.

The Dinotopia exhibition was beautifully installed, and there was a good turnout, considering the obstacles. In the workshop class we first drew onions, then exotic brass pots. In the lower left photo we visited a gallery of “Dino-Designo” drawings, where people of all ages had drew their interpretation of people and dinosaurs living together.

I also had a chance (lower right) to talk to the docents about the paintings and the inspiration behind them.

In the middle of the week a second snowstorm left more than a foot of snow on the region, putting an end to our carefully-laid plans for lots of schools visits. But we got a lot of work done and kind of enjoyed the adventure. And we were able to visit the art schools UArts in Philadelphia and DCAD in Wilmington. I’ll report on those separately.

After one last event, Paleopalooza, in Philadelphia, where I was starting to lose my voice, we headed back home. The plan is for me to return to the museum on the weekend of May 15 (The exhibit closes May 16). Those who were unable to make it to the first workshop might enjoy this new one on imaginative drawing.


Evan T said...

damn I wish I could make it to the show. there's so much to see! It'd be great to meet you again and see some of your new work in person. Congratulations on getting the show and here's to many more.

Philly Art Girl said...

I actually made it on the opening and thought it was absolutely amazing. I even caught the end of your lecture despite getting the car trapped in a pile of snow. I was wondering if you might add a link where one might sign up for the workshop for imaginative drawing in May? Also, is this a class intended for adults, or is it more geared towards a younger crowd?

Andrew R. Wright said...

A show in the same museum as so many Pyle's and a wonderful collection of Golden Age Illustration. I imagine the situation being similar to a kid working in a candy shop where the only pay is being able to eat whatever he/she wants.

The Delaware is one of my favorite museums. I only wish I could make it in time to see your show!

Did you have a chance to make it over to the Schoonover Studios or Pyle's studio?

Craig Elliott said...

Wowza Jim! That is a massive about of digging out! I hope your opening went well. I wish I could be there to se all that great art.

Your inclusion in such a show must have made an amazingly rich experience!


Craig Elliott Gallery

Super Villain said...

fantastic exhibit, finally made it down!!

definatly worth the drive for anyone thinking about going. the museum has a ton other great things that i didnt expect in addition to the amazing dinotpia paintings.

they have a few lounge areas with all the dinotopia books to look through. they actually have a computer set up with this blog viewable on it. and they also have a nice video playing with gurney talking about the story behind dinotopia. and to top it all off they have people coming through every few hours to give tours (at least on the weekend i think?) if you get a chance catch the tour with Judy, lots of fun.

i was definatly impressed with not only the art, but the set up, and the knowlege of the tour guide. delaware really did it right with teh dinotopia exhibit!! 5 stars must see!! i'll be back a few more times thats for sure!!!

was hoping to get a chance to see james gurney in person with his shorts and grey socks pulled all the way up, but i guess i'll have to wait till may! haha! cant wait for the next workshop!!

Sarah Kropiewnicki said...

Fantastic! I look forward to your next workshop; I was so disappointed that I couldn't make the one at the Delaware Art Museum. PaleoPalooza was enjoyable either way. Thank you for signing my book!

Birdy said...

Oh, please do go to the museum again! I wanted to go to an event so badly but was foiled by horrible public transportation systems first, and then being in DC while you were here in Philly (where I live). *faceplant*

Jake said...

I'm glad you guys were able to pull off the opening and such despite the storms. You coming back for the rest of us would be wonderful! The snow around here is starting to get demoralizing, and having missed the weekend at the museum certainly hasn't helped. I plan to visit the exhibit this weekend, and now I get to look forward to a second chance at the workshop. Awesome!