Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Artist’s Magazine

The March issue of The Artist’s Magazine has Koo Schadler’s tips for workshop teachers: “So You’d Like to Teach a Workshop,” and the top 10 winners of the “Artists Over 60 Contest.” The common themes of the age 60+ artists were “supportive spouses and families, strong senses of style, and the resolute desire to never stop learning.”

And thanks to Holly Davis for the write-up about the Dinotopia exhibition at the Delaware Art Museum.


Roberto said...

i'm a fan of 'The Artis' Mag,'
very good articles and a wealth of info on techniques and mediums (medei?)-RQ

Tyler J said...

Congrats on the write up. I hope that a big part of your legacy, besides the beautiful artwork and rich storytelling, will be your palpable commitment to and passion for learning and teaching.

Jennifer MacNeill said...

We went to the Delaware Art Museum last weekend and I was totally blown away by your work. Thank you so much!