Sunday, October 10, 2010

Arrested by the Art Police

I'm keeping one step ahead of the art police.
Arrested for bad perspective, poor value organization, tangencies and hard edges.


Christopher Manzanares said...

That's hilarious, Jim. That's a great old truck. What was this for?

James Gurney said...

We were staying in a hotel in Paso Robles and Jeanette looked out the bathroom window in back and said, "The Keystone cops are out there."

It was just a vacant lot with nothing else around, and they were trying to start up the paddy wagon. We went down with the camera for the gag shot, which they were nice enough to play along with.

The symbol on the back of the paddy wagon is for an organization of Masons, I think.

Christopher Paul said...

I would have figures that this would have been enough to keep you out of trouble. :)

Great pics!

António Araújo said...

What ???

No, really...what???? :D

armandcabrera said...

I thought maybe you were busted for those artist at work cones you use painting outdoors. Great pictures.

Claire Vrabel said...

You're such a ham... ;D

kev ferrara said...

Being a ham is kosher in my book!

Plus, you don't seem to have any hard edges (you old softy), you have a good perspective on things, and your have a good sense of values.

Tangents... well.... you are running a blog after all. So maybe you should be forgiven for going off on tangents.


tayete said...

Bwahahahahah Kev Ferrara! I laughed a lot with your post!