Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Drawing Models

J. D. Harding wrote a book way back in 1854 that still has solid-gold advice for art and architecture students today.

He suggested making models of architecture to use as drawing subjects.

They teach you perspective and light and shade in a way that nothing else can. The geometric forms are a good supplement to the organic shapes of figure and cast drawing.

The book shows roof plans for various grand estates. If you’ve got a wood shop, you can cut all the various architectural pieces out of larger pieces of wood. The model pieces also make great blocks for kids to build with. Nowadays you could also use build them out of cardboard or foam core board, or cut them out of a dense foam.

His book, “Drawing Models and Their Uses” is available as a free download from Google Books.
Drawing Models and Their Uses from Google Books (click the "Download PDF" button at the right side of the page)


armandcabrera said...


What a great resource! While I have recommended his other book, Lessons on Drawing to my students for quite awhile I was unaware of this book. Thanks for bringing attention to it.

wade_watson said...

Thanks for the great link. That's a must read book.

There are hundreds of architectural paper model files available for download around the web-- most of them free. I'm sure many would make good drawing reference. Some of my favorite sites are Canon's "Paper Craft - Canon Creative Park" and "The Disney Experience".

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António Araújo said...

This looks really useful. Thanks for the reference, Jim.

Emre said...

Thanks for this post James and thanks to Wade Watson for the great links too! Canon's papercraft is amazing!