Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bob’s Big Boy

What better place for a double-deck hamburger than Bob’s Big Boy family restaurant in Burbank?

And what better person to enjoy it with, than Mark Frauenfelder, the guy who launched BoingBoing and Make magazine.

Built in 1949, this is the oldest Bob’s still standing. According to a bronze plaque out front, “it was designed by respected architect Wayne McAllister, incorporating the 1940s transitional design of streamline modern style while anticipating the freeform 50s coffee shop architecture.”
More about Mark Frauenfelder at BoingBoing, Make Magazine. His new book is Made by Hand.
More about the history of Bob’s Big Boy. and on Wikipedia

Tomorrow we’ll return to sea monsters.


Jared said...

When I lived in Burbank I would walk there. Best on a Friday night when all the auto enthusiasts fill the parking lot with their rare and classic cars.

K. W. Broad said...

Oh man, this post takes me down Memory Lane. I used to live in Hollywood and we would hold art jams there all the time. We'd eat our burgers then pull out sketchbooks and draw for the next two hours. We tipped well and drew napkin art for the waiters/waitresses, so they tolerated us. Good times :)

Unknown said...

My father (Bob Wian) founded Bob's Big Boy. I miss him terribly so I will sometimes google his name, just to see what folks are saying (still). I enjoyed your pictures/post - thanks for keeping his memory alive. Wish there was a Bob's in Oregon....maybe corporate will front me the money for the franchise? Slim chances, considering my demographics (Portland, Oregon...crunchy) not sure it would fly...then again, Burgerville does OK and their burgers are flat/so-so. Then again, I'm slightly biased on the burger front. Perhaps I'll come up with a killer "meatless" burger for this group...Bob's Big Girl Goes Beefless. Best wishes, Julie Wian

James Gurney said...

What an honor to hear from you, Julie! You've obviously got the Founding Family's creativity and imagination.

Jared and KW, great memories, and someone else told me that Jay Leno goes there every week and sparks an old car rally.

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