Monday, October 4, 2010

Italian Exhibition

Journey into the World of Gurney: from Chandara to Ancient Egypt.
Lucca, Italy at the Palazzo Ducale
Lucca Comics & Games, October 16, 2010 through November 1, 2010
A few days ago, a truck came and took away two big crates of artwork bound for Italy. The artwork will be featured in an exhibition of approximately 40 of my paintings.

The show begins with Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara, showing both the private and public lives of humans and dinosaurs, and exploring the intersection of utopia, geography, history, science, and fantasy.

Visitors will also be treated to few paintings from Dinotopia: The World Beneath which have never before been exhibited. The exhibit concludes with additional original oil paintings from the world of science fiction and fantasy paperback covers, as well as historical paintings for National Geographic (Voyage of Jason, above, will be included).

For any further information:
Lucca Comics and Games 2010
Also includes image from previous post: Kushite King


Celia said...

Congratulations on your show, long way to go with precious cargo.

Lucas Durham said...

When I read that you were going to have an exhibition in Lucca this month, I freaked. I'm studying for a trimester at the Florence Academy of Art. Awesome timing! Will you be at the visiting the exhibition at all?

Kraan said...

I am looking forward to enjoying the exhibition in Lucca!!! I am already thrilled! Whuhhhhow

James Gurney said...

Lucas, yes, I'll be one of the guests at the convention, and I'm honored to be invited by the LUCCA committee. You are lucky to be studying in such a beautiful country!

Celia, thanks, just heard it landed in Milan and is on its way to Lucca.

Fainder said...

Whoa, man, I wasn't planning on going to Lucca but, boy, I have approximately 40 good reasons now!

Max West said...

Enjoy your show in Italy. It's a nice country - I have family living in both the north and south of the country, though I haven't been back there since 1995.

poggy said...

These are great news James! I was already going to attend the Lucca comicon, but knowing that you are going to be a guest is definitely a plus. Can't wait to see your original art :)

Tyler J said...

"Fragile, must be Italian."

Seriously, congratulations on the show. How cool is your job as an international artiste? =)

Livio Cazzulani said...

Mr. Gurney, let me say that, for we Italian illustrators, will be a great honor to host you here in Italy.
After to have seen, for years, your work published and have read your interesting blog's posts, to see even one your real drawing would be nice, but 40 will see a real thrill (by the way, I've in my library the National Geographic issue with the "Voyage of Jason").

Lucca Comics is the most important illustrator convention, also at international level. Only VIP artists are invited.

I think you will find very interesting the city of Lucca. Maybe, it could get you some ideas. Its medieval walls are almost intact, and it has so many churches it is called the "city of 100 churches." One of its towers, the "Torre Guinigi", has some trees planted on its top.
In place of the oval-shaped Piazza Anfiteatro (or Piazza del Mercato), once stood a Roman theater, then the city phagocytes it and the houses took place, leaving the imprint of its oval shape.
Finally, the Palazzo Ducale, where its exhibition will be hosted, is one of the most important buildings of the city and also the seat of the district government (don't forget to see the grand staircase).

I've always found very inspirational, the way and the constancy with which you have created your own project of Dinotopia. I will come from Milan to Lucca with my wife to visit the convention. I hope to have the opportunity to greet you (and for an autograph).

carlos muñoz said...

woooooow amazing!!

Ryan Lovelock said...

Lovely to read about this!
I'm probably going to Lucca this year just to see your exhibition!