Monday, September 19, 2011

Foliage Article in International Artist

The new October/November issue of International Artist magazine has a masterclass article that I wrote on painting trees and foliage.

Foliage is a special challenge because it’s not like painting a plaster cast or a figure. It doesn’t follow the form principle, and it presents a whole different set of issues: texture, detail, translucency, and atmospherics, which follow laws not usually taught in art schools. I also cover the “green problem,” and how to deal with it.

This issue also has a presentation by Thomas Schaller about how to handle large variegated watercolor washes. 

In the “Art of Illustration” section, there’s a piece written by Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon about the “Making of Comic Art” and an article by Greg Ruth about drawing and graphic novels. International Artist has been one of the leaders among mainstream art magazines to take an interest in illustration, comics, and fantasy.

Thomas Schaller
Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon's "Teetering Bulb"
Greg Ruth's "Greg Things"
International Artist magazine
The topic of foliage and trees is also covered in Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter
The Form Principle


Robb said...

Just want to say that I LOVE all of your articles you've had throughout various magazines and appreciate that even if you're covering a topic you cover in your books, you still add new information. If these publications are trying to make a quick buck by featuring you, it's working! I love every page.

kat said...

Wow, articles by two of my favorite artists, you and Thomas Schaller, and on very pertinent subjects for me. Might have to subscribe.

Debra Cooper said...

Fantastic, I will have to get out and get a copy. I am currently working on an illustration in which the leaves and the flowers are green and I'm struggling with the contrast in the veins of the leaves. I look forward to reading the article.

Sketching Artist said...

Thanks James. This is hugely helpful.

Billy Kravitz said...

I love visual artists...whether via pictures, or images painted with words. would be honored if you'd sublimate out my way and experience my work our 'elves' and 'cherubs' love the illustrations in your books! They'll hover over them for hours.

Billy Kravitz said...

I appreciate visual artists. Painting can be done with the brush or the keyboard. You obviously command both. Our 'elves' and 'cherubs' adore your work. They'll hover over favorite pages for hours. And they KNOW fantasy!