Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gamut Masking Follow-up

Follow-up on gamut masking: Alex Castillo has made a digital Yurmby wheel and generously offered it to everyone to use. It has a finer set of increments, so it’s better for color picking. Thanks, Alex!

Grafite has translated some of the material into Italian.  Grazie.

And Charley Parker of the blog Lines and Colors did a post about it. If any art school teachers try using this in a classroom, please send me photos of what you do with it, and I'll do a post.

Book:  Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter
Previously: Gamut Masking Method


Susan Adsett said...

Wow - thanks Alex! I've downloaded your color wheel, I'll definitely be using it!

ppinho said...

Couldn't find the link to the wheel!! Is it only me??

James Gurney said...

PPINHO, Just click on the image and it should enlarge a bit. Then, if you're on a Mac, you should be able to drag it to your desktop. Or another computer maybe you can select and copy it.

ppinho said...


Thanks. I thought it was an interactive app like the one at . Cool

Schnider said...

sir, how will you know if a grey is neither warm or cool?

James Gurney said...

It's a good question. If you have a few different grays and you compare them to white and black, some of them will lean toward orange or blue or red or green. The one that doesn't seem to lean in any direction is the most neutral. But it is a relative judgment and a subtle one.

Schnider said...

Thank you for your response sir. I'm going to try it.
I recently bought your book Color and Light and it was great! One of my favorite pages are from 74 to 76. And I think I already know some things about color, but I'm not sure. A color can be Light but doesn't mean it's always bright. Am I correct?