Thursday, September 8, 2011

Portable Portraits

Painting spontaneous portraits of strangers on location leads to unforgettable encounters.

(Direct link to video) The new Fall 2011 issue of Watercolor magazine (published by American Artist) contains an article that I just wrote on the topic of “Portable Portraits.”

It goes into detail about the materials, methods, and mindset that you might want to try for sketching people on location.
American Artist Daily
What's in My Bag? (BoingBoing)
Direct Link to this video on YouTube
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Eileen said...

Wonderful video! The work and spirit are beautiful.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Great little vid James!

Rich said...

Nice acquaintances. Surely it was an unique experience for the portrayed individuals, far from the commonplace tourist encounter.

Next time you happen to be in Maghreb countries: - have a female individual portrayed as well;-)
Or, if you happen to visit Libya, please do paint one of those so called "rats"....

Anyway; wonderful video! I concur. The work and spirit are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It looks and sounds pretty cool. I may give it a try.

In fact, there was a neat article in Watercolor Artist magazine about doing a creative journal and travelling with a limited watercolor kit. Did you see that, James. It's the most recent issue.

dylansketchbook said...

Your 'quick' portraits are ridiculously good!

Bill Gathen said...

I can see why you get such a positive response when you do a portrait: results are amazing!

I like the touch of having them sign their name. Much better than "some guy in Tangiers". :-)

I bet you've made a lot of friends in your travels...

Chris Vosters said...
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Chris Vosters said...

Inspiring entry!

Adam Stolterman said...

I love your videos! Super inspiring.

Claire Vrabel said...

Sheesh, now I need to make a trip to the bookstore to get the magazine! ;)
Taking a head drawing class and will probably share...
I love your traveling portraits.