Saturday, May 19, 2012

Booth at Spectrum Live

After breakfast yesterday, Jeanette and I explored downtown Kansas City, which is full of architectural gems, like the Mainstreet Theater. 

There was a red crane lifting a worker way up to the top to change a light bulb on the sign.

Then I edid a demo. I forgot to photograph his, but I can tell you, he was a hard act to follow. I did a half-hour portrait of an imaginary gentleman named Mr. Galumph, using watercolor and watercolor pencil. I'll be doing another demo at 11:00 today (Booth #1003), and Mr. Monge will do another at 1:00.

My new lecture on Worldbuilding will be in Room G at 4:00 today.

I can't even begin to express how exciting it is to meet so many artists whose work I've admired for years. And they're all really cool people, really approachable.


Vladimir Venkov said...

Such great lighting on the Mainstreet Theater James. Love Mr. Galumph sketch. Jean-Baptiste Monge is such a great illustrator.

T. Arispe said...

I hope you realize that people get that same kind of excitement when meeting you. The feeling is definitely mutual.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work as always. Would you be so kind as to provide some info on how you digitize your images? Thank you.

Jenny said...

I so wish I could go to conventions, and see my favorite artists like you. Are you selling copies of Dinotopia? If so, how do I get one straight from you, the creator? A worldbuilding seminar; That, I would love to know more about. I'm working with my husband to create a world/story/people and am really taking your work as a guide. Mr. Galumph looks very believable with his pale oily looking skin.

Moish said...

To Anonymous,
check out this photographing paintings post .
James, If you do have any more tips on how you digitize the on-the-go sketches, just for blog posts, I would also enjoy it.
Your humility is special. The artist whose work we've admired for years, and is really cool and approachable. is excited to meet other cool, approachable artists.

Tom Hart said...

Not sure why, or if others have run into this, but the link that Anonymous posted above only takes me to a Gurney Journey blank page that says "this page does not exist" (or maybe it says " longer exits".

Meera Rao said...

Congratulations! Read in 'making A mark' blog that you also won an awesome award!

Moish said...

To Anonymous & Tom Hart

(the link I hyperlinked had an extra fwd slash at the end. sorry)

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Meera Rao! I was so surprised and excited to receive those awards.

Anon and Moish, almost all of the art on the blog is digitized by shooting it with a Canon Powershot digital camera. I color correct it in Photoshop, and sometimes vignette out the white paper. I had a scanner, but it doesn't work right.

Jenny, you can order signed books from or If you live outside the USA, just order it "unsigned" (which allows you to put in the foreign shipping rate, and then send me an email saying how you want it signed.

I'll be including some of my worldbuilding material at Illustration Master Class next month.