Thursday, May 24, 2012

Painting in Series

The new issue of International Artist magazine includes my latest masterclass on serial painting. 

I use the term "serial painting" to refer to plein-air painting where several images are created one after another, connecting them through time or space.

One approach is to make a set of closely related studies one after another, like frames from a film or comic book. I learned this from architectural illustrator Dan Church, who paints a set of small watercolors out of the window of a moving car. It helps to work really small if you're working this fast.

The other kind of serial painting involves painting multiple plein-air studies of the same subject under different lighting conditions. This is one of the best ways to become aware of the effects of different lighting conditions.
International Artist


Diana Stein said...

OH good! An excuse to get to the bookstore!

Laura G. Young said...

Upon reading about travel series here awhile back, I tried painting with ink, watercolor pencils and a water brush on the road trip out to KC. So much fun -- but very different from what I'm used to. (Doesn't lift or blend as easily as ordinary watercolors) Also, I got a good case of motion sickness(!) Does the article have any tips on how to deal with this problem, or how to keep pencils from getting lost in seat cushions? :)

James Gurney said...

Diana, hope you had a good ride back from SFAL. We only saw two bookstores in 1500 miles!

Laura, no tips on motion sickness, but those trains are really smooth. I do tend to drop my pencils a lot, but that's why they make them hexagonal, right? So they don't roll on the floor.