Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinky and Stinky

I’d like to introduce the two piglets that live on the farm near us. We call them Pinky and Stinky. Pinky is the light colored one, and Stinky is all black. 

They live in a stall downstairs in the barn. We say hello to them each morning. Yesterday as we arrived, three chipmunks ran out of their stall. Who knows what they were doing in there.

Pinky and Stinky rooted around in the wood chips, stuck their noses in the hinge-flap feeder, and then flopped down and went to sleep. They stayed still long enough for a ten-minute portrait.

While we sketched, the barn swallows flitted and squeaked just above our heads. Once in a while, Turk and Princess, the Belgian draft horses, clunked a hoof on their stall floor above us. 

I wondered if the horses remembered pulling the red wagon in the parade on Monday. That's Princess in the middle, with Sofie and Abby on the outside.

As I finished up, Pinky’s legs started wiggling wildly in a dream. Both piglets woke up, looking startled, nervous, and curious all at once. 


Unknown said...

This is great!

Steve said...

I always enjoy the farm visits. Given the coloration, couldn't Stinky have been saved some indignity and simply been Inky?

Dan Gurney said...

I second Steve's suggestion. Inky, especially for an artist's black pig, seems especially appropriate.

Moish said...

Until I read the caption I didn't even notice Stinky. thought it was a shadow.

Janet Oliver said...

The chipmunks were probably eating the pig chow.

K_tigress said...

Could have been worse. Could have called them Bacon and thousand year old egg. ;D
But yeah those little stinkers are a bunch of cuties. :D