Friday, May 25, 2012

ImagineFX article on Dino Maquettes

The new issue of ImagineFX magazine should still be on the newsstands in the USA. It contains my workshop on painting realistic dinosaurs. 

The article follows the case history of two paintings that I did for Scientific American magazine, and details the thinking behind all the steps, from research and thumbnails, to building reference maquettes, to the final painting.
ImagineFX  (Issue 83, June, 2012)
Video trailer: How I Paint Dinosaurs (full video still in production)


Tristan Dugan said...

Your techniques (and work) are just amazing. What a fantastic resource, I'll have to check it out!

david hammond said...

what is your opinion on using digital maquettes as a substitute, such as sculptures lit in programs like zbrush or mudbox?

Laura G. Young said...

Thanks for the heads up. :)

James Gurney said...

David, you can substitute digital techniques for any of the hand-made ones that I use. Zbrush and mudbox are equally fast and they have the advantage of being shared anywhere and being changed easily.

The reason I like to make physical maquettes is that it gets the forms into my fingers, and also because nothing can simulate real lighting outdoors.