Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bubble Yum Ballistic Berry

Here's a sketch I did of my son when he was 11. 

He was reading a book called Rip Foster: Assignment in Space while chewing Bubble Yum Ballistic Berry gum.

As I look back at this sketch, what strikes me is this thought: I suppose we all have a tendency to assume that everything in our life at a given moment will stay the same forever.

But of course everything and everyone changes from year to year. My son grew up, went to college, and is making his way in life. I treasure my sketchbooks because they usher me back to previous states of life and thought.


Unknown said...

Its crazy how a scribble can capture so much more information that what might appear on the surface. As a student, it appeared that I was a terrible note taker because there were more doodles in the margins than notes between the lines. The truth was that looking at the doodles, I could recall what the teacher was discussing at the time I drew it. Still to this day, when I work on a painting, looking at a section of the painting, I can recall the music I was listening to or the tv show that was playing in the background.

GRISI said...

I listen to The Yanks while i drawn. Very talented - like father, like son!

Tom Hart said...

Very well put James. I can't wait until I can get home and give The Yanks clip the listening it deserves.

You're a justly proud dad, and I'm sure the feeling is reciprocated.

...and I need to get my sketchbook out MUCH more often! Thanks for the reminder.

Jenny Woolf said...

Great capture. And nice to look back on.