Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Invasion? Have a beer!

Invasion? Air raids? Cities bombed? Have a beer!

This illustration by Harry Anderson appeared in a magazine ad in 1941. The ad copy reads: "In a world of strife, there's peace in beer. In these bewildering times, where can a man turn to replenish the wells of his repair the walls of his faith?"

The beer industry in America had some big setbacks from Prohibition through the outset of World War II, so brewing companies banded together to promote beer's benefits. The history is summarized in a Wikipedia article "Beer in the United States."

Thanks, Jim Pinkoski.


Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Good post
I try to remember to have a beer every summer to remind me of the old college days, and how wonderful summer can be with a cold one.

jytte said...

It reminds me of the fatal glass of beer with the moral:
Now, as a moral to young men
who come down to the city,
don't go 'round breaking
people's tambourines."
Cheers :o)

Robert J. Simone said...

The concept of beer is at least as old as the pyramids. The great European brewing traditions were perpetuated by Catholic monks in monasteries dating back to the 7th century. The monks made beer, sold beer and revered it for it's power to cheer a weary soul. Once fading the tradition of brewing is making a comeback in monasteries all across the U.S. If, God forbid, anything should happen to my wife I'm gonna join such a monastery. Draw, paint, pray and sip ale! That's what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Jim, nice job!
Please show us the palette arrangement you use for casein. Do you squeeze paint onto a palette or watercolor wells. How do you keep the casein from drying out before you finish a session. Do you keep a pot of water nearby to clean brushes, since casein dries as hard as concrete. Thanks, JZ