Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Sketch Artist

"The realist who studies movement. There is the future impressionist." —Swedish reviewer, discussing Anders Zorn.

Illustration above from "The Sketch Artist" by Edouard Cucuel.


Rich said...

...the realist who studies our

²thin atomic Vast,

The rare-point sparse substratum Universe

On which floats a solid world's phenomenal face."

There is the future abstract painter?

James Gurney said...

Rich--Cool, yes. Savitri?

Rich said...

Yes; Savitri: great epic poem;.)

Terry said...

I love this sketch. You can see plainly that the artist is living kind of hand-to-mouth, not making much money on the sketches he does for his bourgeois patrons. Yet they aren't portrayed as vain or haughty; Cucuel has drawn them all just as they are.